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A Christmas Extravaganza

17 December 2008

A Christmas Extravaganza

This holiday season, the Chestnut, the Truffle and the Duck, will take center stage  in a palatable act of sheer hedonism that is sure to send your taste buds screaming for more (Don LaFontaine voice).

flavors of the season

I created the fancy-schmancy menu above, with the plan to deliver it to the family on Christmas eve. The inspiration comes from the current season and the vibrant ingredients that crop up with it, as well as not being so excited by the traditional meal, this year. Sorry turkey 🙁

Maybe I might be able to offer you some inspiration, if the turkey or traditional menu is not turning you on either!

I have no recipes to share at this time but they will be posted after Christmas and so could be made for New Years, if you want.

Bethany x

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13 thoughts on “A Christmas Extravaganza

  1. Oh goodness, that is just a feast to beat all others! I won’t be able to hack that but I can’t wait to see how you do it!
    By the way, you’re in MA right? Unfortunately I don’t have any invites there… But I’d love to eventually meet you someday 🙂 Thanks so much for the kind sentiments!

  2. OH WOW. I actually just drifted off into a foodie dream-world of foie gras and truffles…. Your menu looks phenomenal. Good luck getting it together, and I cannot WAIT to see pics/recipes for the finished products!! Particularly the chestnut soup with lavender oil….an intriguing combination if ever there was one…..

  3. As one of the very lucky recipients of this 7 course tasting on Christmas Eve …. Congratulations Beth it was absolutely delicious from start to finish . Wow what a feast!!!

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