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About - Bethany Kehdy

7 May 2008



My name is Bethany Kehdy. I’m a Lebanese-American cook, presenter and author specialising in the cuisines of the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa.

Teta Kafta

mum, aunts and grandmother gather at the table preparing tabouleh, kebbeh and skewering meats

Middle Eastern food is rooted in history, folktales and purpose. I love tracing recipes back in time while considering the common threads between our cuisine and others and the influence of varying empires. The depth and complexities of Middle Eastern cuisine deserve to be honoured and cherished before they fade to whispers beneath the dust. Equally, it’s important to not only explore this rich heritage but consider it’s place today’s world and the bold future it can behold. 

My two cookbooks are The Jewelled Kitchen and The Jewelled Table. My team and I also offer tours of Lebanon via our bespoke tour company, Taste Lebanon. 

Kousa Karaz

The Jewelled Kitchen


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19 thoughts on “About

  1. You’ve been a great addition to the blogging food world! Keep it coming, there’s a hungry world out there and you’ve definitely got the remedies!!!

  2. Bethany,

    Can I just say that you’re like the perfect woman. You cook delicious food, you’re a bubbly personality and are so friendly…

    … and you are absolutely gorgeous too!

    Though, I’m sure you get it all the time 😀

  3. I had the honour to taste Knefeh cooked by Bethany and it was absolutely amazing!
    I think she should open up a restaurant!

  4. I was introduced to your site by a very good friend of mine , Mr Masiello showed me an update whilst in the studio knowing the passion love and day to day ENJOYMENT of food i experience.I am very happy to have your site at top of my favorites and will read and blog all the time now ….. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK…

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  6. Tasted some of Bethny’s dips at the weekend…absolutely delicious. Oh and Bethany, thanks for the introduction to cooking chicken in a very novel way….not sure if you have let your readers into ths one yet. Keep up the good work!

  7. hey you! miss you tons. Any ideas on Duck? i got a duck from Don and was thinking to slow cook it or something. looking for your amazingly delicious input.

    love you


  8. Hey miss! I checked it out as promised. Everything looks delicious and even this “Miss 5-minute dish” will be trying out some of your recipes!

    Do think about the course idea.


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