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Food Blogger Connect-First UK Food Blogger

16 October 2009

Food Blogger Connect-First UK Food Blogger Conference


We’ve shared recipes, great meals eaten and glimpsed into each others’ lives through our food blogs, we’ve shared photos and revealed personalities on Facebook, we’ve given cooking tips and encouragement on Twitter. Now isn’t it about time that we met?

In this day and age of the internet, we have lost our connectedness. Friendships are made and lost, love affairs carried on across oceans, bonds created though on different continents, fans found and clubs joined, yet how much of this is 140 spaces maximum or quick status updates? Disconnected and discombobulated, we can only carry on so far in the blogosphere.

So let’s meet! Some of us have already met but there are still many of us who haven’t. Everyone and anyone is invited from long-time bloggers, newbies or even people thinking of starting their own food blog. Food Blogger Connect 2009 is the time to connect: get to know your fellow food bloggers and meet new ones, share tips and ideas, network and organize projects. And have a blast doing it!

Food blogging no longer need be a lonely, individual sport. Forget those days when you feel like it’s going no where, when you wonder if you really belong to that great, funny, passionate family of bloggers out there. Come and connect, be inspired, partake of our favorite food group!

Food Blogger Connect 2009 is the first meet up of its kind (the first official conference being held in the U.K) and is being held in London on November 28, 2009 at Levant from 1 p.m to 5 p.m, serving delicious Lebanese cuisine. Don’t miss it! After all, Food Bloggers share!

Please note: On October 28th, we will call for your ideas, and we look forward to hearing from you about the topics you’d like covered and who you would love to see cover them. Food Blogger Connect is the first Food Blogging conference to take place in the U.K and we need you to take the lead. We are also looking for people to help spread the word. So, if you are interested in posting about this event on your blog, then please email and we will be happy to send you a flyer with all the pertinent details. You can RSVP @ The event number is 2009.

Here’s a quick recap:

WHAT: Food Blogger Connect
WHEN: November 28th, 2009,  1 PM to 5 PM
WHERE: Levant Restaurant, London, W1
WHO: Everyone who is or wants to be part of the Food Blogosphere. Food Blogger connect is open to all, and you don’t have to be a long-time blogger to attendThis event is open to Non-UK Food Bloggers as well.
HOW MUCH: £30 for food and 1 glass of wine. This is the only fee and it covers the meal.
WHERE CAN I RSVP: Go to The event code is 2009.

We can’t wait to meet you in person!

Dirty Kitchen Secrets, MowieliciousLife’s A Feast &  Saffron & Blueberry.


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9 thoughts on “Food Blogger Connect-First UK Food Blogger Conference

  1. This sounds like an interesting event, but not sure I can afford to get down to London in November! Hopefully this will be a success and we can arrange some more around the country!

  2. Hello!
    This sounds interesting!
    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but wondering how many spaces are available in total? I guess I’m trying to get a feel for whether it will be a meeting the size of, say a Dos Hermanos meal out (where have met lots of bloggers informally) or much more of a conference size, with the opportunity to meet a far wider range of bloggers?
    Live in London so am local!

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