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Mediterranean Moments- Cyprus

17 June 2008

Mediterranean Moments- Cyprus


Cyprus Meditereanan moments

Tease alert! I’ve just spent three weeks on the Mediterranean, basking in the sun, devouring the delicious food and what naturally complements all this of course? Total and utter liver annihilation. Yup and now a detox must ensue.

We embarked on our journey with destination Cyprus. My in-laws were there on holiday and we passed by for a couple of days en-route to Beirut. We stayed in a beautiful remote village near Paphos, in a lovely villa by the sea. So I’ll begin by giving you a sneak peak of the pool where I spent moooost of my time of course:


Let me begin by introducing barbie:


We spent a lot of time just cooking and eating fresh fish. We barbecued this delicious sea bream


which we had with a fantastic Ratatouille and barbecued garlic!



Like Lebanon, Sea Bream is very popular here and we just couldn’t get enough of it. I love the simplicity and great taste that is a result of fantastic and fresh produce.


Village salad (tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and feta) or greek salad was also there for constant support.

Cyprus is only a 20 minute flight from Lebanon and shares many cultural similarities. In fact, while walking around the village I came across a house so similar to my grandfather’s (rest his soul) mountain house.


The one with the blue doors is the Cypriot one. Don’t you just love the vine canopies! I still remember how my grandmother used to pick fresh vine leafs and make a delicious stuffed grape and cabbage leaf casserole!

It’s a very sleepy village but we did get out eventually and ate at Chix Chox, in the small town square of the village Polis.


We were entertained by the head waiter, who was more like the restaurant clown and kept all the children happily amused, including his adorable daughter. More very blurry shots coming up (couldn’t have had anything to do with the wine!)


Prawns in a garlic and lemon sauce sprinkled with fresh coriander and ever sooo juicy.


The mussels were just how I like them, tenderly cooked in loads of white wine, garlic and parsley with a hint of lemon. Gosh, they were spectacular.


My husband couldn’t overcome his meatball fetish and had the keftedes, which had a rich aroma of spices and each meatball was so tender it melted in your mouth. Towards the end of our meal, the chef came out to thank us for our custom and make sure all was to our liking. What a lovely little place!

And that was that for our short Cyprus getaway and then we were off to Beirut, Lebanon my homeland to visit my brother and father. Stay tuned for our updates from beautiful Lebanon x

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3 thoughts on “Mediterranean Moments- Cyprus

  1. You spent three weeks on the mediterranean??.I’m soo jealous!!!.. wow.
    I want those prawns!!..and the mussels and meatballs too!..everything! I trade you for some zuchinni blossom tempura (complete with horny bugs too!) hahaha.. Kidding!

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