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Nando Pays Dirty Kitchen Secrets a Visit! Video Post

28 October 2010

Nando Pays Dirty Kitchen Secrets a Visit! Video Post

What happens when a Brazilian, a Brit and a Lebanese-American get together?

What happens when a Brazilian, a Brit and a Lebanese-American get together? Well, food of course but also some pure comedy moments! If you are not yet acquainted with Nando’s delicious Brazilian food blog, Cuca Brazuca, then you need to get over there quickly! Nando shares great recipes, great food photography and always well edited videos. In fact, I had the chance of trying his Mini Acarajes and I had to be polite by warning him I was going to have the last one. They would be perfect for your next Monday night football game get together…or just save yourself the torment and just make them now! A big thank you to Nando for filming and editing this video because I’m sure it was not an easy task!

The recipes featured in the video can all be found on this blog.  Follow the links for the killer toum, succulent beer butt chicken (please mind the photo- was my first ever attempt at snapping food) and hearty balila.

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15 thoughts on “Nando Pays Dirty Kitchen Secrets a Visit! Video Post

  1. this is so fabulous – love the editing by nando – i can only imagine how much fun you guys had ! and i can say from experience that that chicken truly is divine (no silverware !), and obviously the skin is the best part. but do proceed with caution with that garlic sauce, haha ! the video clearly would not have been complete without chris’ commentary and singing. =) you guys were way too cute together at the end. love this !

  2. Hilarious! I totally agree with your comment about people who don’t eat chicken skin. I am just making a shopping list for my Hawaiian friend! I want one of those stick inside the chicken things too!

  3. Fabulous video – well done, it looks like you had great fun! We do the same with our yardbirds back in South Africa – but we cook them on the Weber (we call this a braai). The smell coming from the braai when the beer starts cooking is amazing…

    By the way, the pink salt is called Alea I think. (Full of minerals, similar to Himalayan Rock salt.)

    1. Thanks Janice! I’ll make note of that- I just ordered some information in the product that I use from my sister. She is getting it directly from the company so I will know more soon!

  4. Oh my, this is so hilarious! I love the video, Nando did a great job! Haha, and Chris singing again… 🙂
    My mum has a similar recipe but we bake the chicken on a bottle of beer.

  5. Oh Beth, this is absolutely what good cooking is all about – having fun together and enjoying simple recipes with great flavors like that! Love it! You are great in front of the camera, and Nando, what a wonderful style for shooting and editing! You guys should do more videos together for sure! xx

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