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Olive Magazine, Taste Lebanon Announcement & Guest Cheffin'

9 September 2010

Olive Magazine, Taste Lebanon Announcement & Guest Cheffin’

I am so thrilled to see DKS get featured as Blog of the Month in BBC’s Olive Magazine recent October issue. A warm welcome to all new visitors and I hope you enjoy the Lebanese recipes. If you’ve got questions regarding the ingredients or certain recipes, leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

In other news, I will be the guest chef at Tawlet, the widely successful coop kitchen here in Lebanon, on the 6th of October. I really hope to see you there. I’ll also be hosting a cooking class there that evening and there’s some pretty cool stuff on the menu… like how to shuv implant a can of beer up a chicken’s butt! For more info on the lunch, cooking class and to RSVP click here.

Finally, many of you have been waiting for this announcement so here it goes: the second edition of Taste Lebanon- Culinary Journeys Across Lebanon is set to kick off on April 28th, 2011 and will run through till May 6th, 2011. If you’re interested in joining, I recommend you register as soon as possible as there is already a waiting list and we have limited seating in order to keep the tour intimate.

We wish to showcase all that is wonderful and positive in Lebanon; the beauty of its landscape, the warm hospitality of its enduring people and of course, its delicious & wholesome food. Food is the best way for one to delve into the soul of a culture and learn more about its people, their customs & traditions. Sitting down and breaking bread with a total stranger is a beautifully unifying and enriching experience. It is our endeavor with this tour, to share this experience with you.

If you’ve always wanted to learn more about Lebanese food and experience first hand what it’s really like to enjoy an authentic, lavish Mediterranean spread then this is the tour for you. This seven-day culinary journey across Lebanon will leave you with a well-rounded taste of Lebanon and each of its region’s specialties. You will visit six different regions, savoring each local specialty and learning the process and technique that goes into making that certain dish that each area is renown for.

The tour will start on the eve of April 28th and will end the morning of May 6th.

This will be a very personal tour and there will be opportunities where you are invited into people’s homes across the country to learn the authentic techniques behind their specialties. This is a once in a lifetime experience.

During the culinary journey across Lebanon we will visit Beirut, Byblos (seaside), Batroun (seaside), Tripoli, the North, Mount Lebanon, Baalback and the Beqaa.

Some example activities included in the seven-day tour:

  • Fish your own- boat trip
  • Harvest your own- short discussion on local farming
  • Demonstration on Arabic bread and the extra-thin mountain bread on Saj
  • Demonstration on sujuk & basterma (Armenian sausage & cured meat)
  • Demonstration on Kebbeh making (national dish)
  • Demonstration on baklawa/and or halawet el jebn (Lebanese desserts)
  • Kitchen Workshop on Lebanese mezza
  • Visits to Souks- ancient and new
  • Visit to a seven-story Middle Eastern sweets castle
  • Visit to a dairy farm
  • Visit to a butcher & bakery (watch process of sfiha, miniature minced lamb pies, from to start to finish)
  • Visit to olive groves & olive oil pressing
  • Visit to a vineyard with wine tasting
  • Visit to a Arak distillery (Lebanon’s national drink, similar to ouzo and pastis)

We have left one day on the tour towards the end, for everyone to do their own thing, relax, hit the beach, or in case they wished to revisit certain areas they really liked. However, depending on the general consensus we are prepared to arrange further tours for the day, if everyone is keen for more action.

Breakfast- breakfast is inclusive everyday at the hotel. Added to that are 4-specialty breakfast we will enjoy together.

Lunch- 6 Lunches will be provided that will range from lavish mezza spreads seaside, BBQ in the mountain, street food & home-cooked meals (tabikh).

Dinner- 5 dinners will be provided. These will range from dinner with a traditional belly dancing show, a trendy dinner in one of Beirut’s hotspots, sunset dinner, cocktail dinner and a cookery demonstration followed by dinner with a renown Lebanese culinary activist.

The cost of the tour is £1399 for double occupancy. The tour cost includes hotel, breakfast everyday, 6 lunches, 5 dinners, refreshments during the tour, 12 culinary activities, transport to and from the airport as well as all locations on the tour itinerary, visa, and our English speaking services. This is a very competitive rate and is well priced in comparison to other culinary tours held around the Middle East. It is also good to bear in mind that Lebanon is one of the more expensive countries to visit in the Middle East.

Flight is not included. Both MEA & BMI usually have good offers from the UK to Beirut during the month of May.

Terms and Conditions apply.

If you have further questions you may contact me via email:

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9 thoughts on “Olive Magazine, Taste Lebanon Announcement & Guest Cheffin’

  1. Congratulations for being featured. I would like to visit Lebanon in the future. It is so near Cyprus where I come from and our cuisines have so much in common.

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